Read this letter only if you’re tired of:

  • declining revenue stream
  • increased bureaucratic hassles
  • lack of patient trust
  • having to practice defensive medicine
  • being dictated to by others outside of your physician/ patient relationship

If you’re a frustrated Doctor then this might be the most important letter you read all year…

Dear Colleague,

When you chose medicine as a profession, you were filled with lofty goals and hopes for the future. Think of all the reasons you dreamed of becoming a physician:

  • To be an instrument of healing and help patients live longer and better
  • To build trusting relationships with your patients
  • To have autonomy in the way you conduct your practice
  • To provide a comfortable lifestyle and financial security for you and your family

So… How’s That Working Out For You?

If you are like most doctors right now, probably not as well as you would like.

The good news is that I can help you. And I can help you quickly. Pun intended, it's time we stopped the bleeding and retook control of our medical practices.

To learn more, please read more about how my New Rules of Medicine can help you right now!


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